Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Majors, Minors and Courses

Students graduating with majors in chemistry or biochemistry have tremendous career potential whether you are interested in medicine, law, research, teaching, or working in industry (including sales). Some of the career directions our students have taken are listed in the panel on the right.

We have five majors you can choose from:

  1. B.S. Chemistry ACS Certified Worksheet - PDF file

  2. B.S. Biochemistry ACS Certified Worksheet - PDF file

  3. B.A. Biochemistry Worksheet - PDF file

  4. B.A. Chemistry Worksheet - PDF file

  5. B.S. Chemistry-B.A. Teaching Worksheet - PDF file

  6. B.A. Chemistry - Teaching Worksheet - PDF file

  7. Chemistry Minor Information - PDF file

UNI Index of all Chemistry and Biochemistry Course Descriptions

We are pleased that nearly 100% of our BS Chemistry or Biochemistry majors who apply to medical schools have been accepted. Many of our BA majors also double major in another area such as Biology, Psychology, Music, or a Foreign Language.

All our majors have the opportunity to get involved in research with our faculty. Many of our students are co-authors on published papers and several are co-inventors in patent applications. Research is conducted during the academic year and also in summer, with summer research students being paid a stipend. Each year we send 10-15 students to the spring meeting of the American Chemical Society to present their research results.

The Department also has a number of scholarships available for students. There are two scholarships available for incoming freshmen and a variety of additional scholarships and awards available for current students. Our students are also competitive for awards at the Department, College, University, and National level. Finally, students may apply to be laboratory assistants, a paid position helping prepare the laboratory component of our courses.

The Governor's STEM Advisory Council has developed a Chemistry Transition Guide for transfer students. This guide was developed to help students manage a successful transfer from community colleges, and includes general understandings and prerequisites needed for our Chemistry and Biochemistry programs.