Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Student Lab Assistants

Duties of a student assistant include assisting in a laboratory setting (lab class) and answering questions concerning the experiment being performed. They are responsible for preparing chemicals used in the laboratory and supervising their use and disposal. Assistants will also assist students in the use of equipment such as computers, electronic balances, and may include more technically advanced equipment such as Gas Chromatographs, High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Ion Detection.

The student assistant is responsible for maintaining clean and safe working environment for the students. This entails ensuring students adhere to the safety rules and guidelines established by the department, maintenance of laboratory equipment, and directing students to keep their work areas clean. Assistants will ensure the lab is kept neat and orderly by directing students to clean up their assigned equipment, balances, benches and laboratory following each laboratory period.

Students are often assigned to stockroom duties as well. Their work assignments often include cleaning the stockroom and glassware, assisting in maintaining an accurate inventory of chemicals, MSDS sheets, and equipment. Students are assigned other duties including cleaning of individual laboratories, ensuring electronic balances and pH meters are properly maintained and calibrated. They will also assist the supervisor in the proper disposal of hazardous waste.

To apply, contact Laura Strauss.