Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Roy J. Carver Trust

The Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust has awarded $429,196 to the University of Northern Iowa’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to support the modernization of the department’s Instrumental Analysis and Physical Chemistry Laboratory Suite.

The department currently enrolls over 130 majors, across five majors. The goal of this project will be to support the academic and career success all of UNI’s Chemistry and Biochemistry students by creating a safe, well-designed, well-equipped instructional/instrumentation suite. 

“The renovation of this lab space will reclaim valuable bench space in the instructional laboratory by expanding into the adjacent room creating a third dedicated instrument lab. This grant also provided funding to purchase two new instruments that expands our ability to provide experience on current research grade instrumentation in our coursework.” explains  Dr. Laura Strauss, Head of the department.

The current physical chemistry lab in McCollum Science Hall will be remodeled and expanded to make room for new instrumentation and to better serve the increasing numbers of students in upper level courses. Once completed, this new space is expected to impact up to 120 students per year. 

For more information, contact Dr. Strauss at 319-273-2052 or, or Hillery Oberle, director of corporate and foundation relations for the UNI Foundation, at 319-273-2226 or


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