Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

American Chemical Society (ACS) Student Affiliates


2018-2019 Officers:

Co-Presidents:  Nina Jocic and Josh Prybil
Co-Vice-Presidents:  Nicole Bishop and Maddie Roach 
Treasurer:  Claire Snyder
Secretary:  Kaitlyn Parrott
Social Chair:  Joseph Tibbs


2019-2020 Officers-Elect:

Co-Presidents:  Natalie Hirl and Joseph Tibbs
Vice-President:  Hannah Peterson 
Treasurer:  Hanna Lovstad
Secretary:  Alexandra Warren
Social Chair:  Kailey Casper


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Outstanding Chapter Award Received for the Second Year

UNI's ACS Student Affiliate Chapter has received an Outstanding Chapter Award for both 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.

Each year's report was reviewed by three faculty advisors, who provided feedback to consider when planning future activities.

Comments from the faculty advisors are summarized as follows:

"This chapter was extremely successful at promoting chemistry in their school and sharing their love of chemistry with the local community.  This concern is evident by the number of Chapter meetings they scheduled to appropriately advance their activities. This will go a long way in encouraging young people in northern Iowa to consider chemistry as a career. Furthermore, the Chapter is well funded due to University support of student travel to meetings and a couple of smaller grants.  It appears to me that if your chapter wants to do something, you find the resources and get it done. Excellent job!"

The award winning chapters will be recognized in the November/December issue of "inChemistry" magazine and at the ACS Student Chapter Award Ceremony that will be held at the 245th ACS National Meeting.



ACS Activities:


  • Student and Faculty BBQ

  • National Chemistry Week Activities: Halloween House

  • Family Weekend Magic Show

  • Student and Faculty Holiday Party