Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Spring 2018 255th ACS National Meeting Presenters and Titles


Silylation of pyridine and pyridine derivatives using diruthenium catalysts
Authors: Joshua Prybil, Dr Robert M. Chin
New insights into the “Manna from Heaven” hypothesis
Authors: Clare Laubenthal, Emma Shipley, Dr Joshua Sebree
Synthesis and magnetic properties of cobalt(II)-pyrazine metal-organic frameworks
Authors: Dmytro V. Kravchuk, Joshua Prybil, Michael M. Kuntz, Jake R. Parks, Dr Arkady Ellern, Dr Paul M. Shand, Dr Colin L. Weeks
Prebiotic potential of aerosols
Authors: Emma Shipley, Nicole Bishop, Dr Joshua Sebree
2-Dimensional vibrational analysis of tone wood in string instruments
Authors: Jack D. Rollison, Madison M. Flesch, Dr Joshua Sebree, Dr Curtiss Hanson
Synthesis and coupling schemes of naphthalimide compounds with target drugs
Authors: Kaitlyn Parrott, Dr Jeffrey E. Elbert, Treasure Divis
Detection and determination of food residues in Native American pottery
Authors: Kataherine Plotzke, Dr Joshua Sebree, Dr Donald Gaff
Analysis of vibrational modes of chemically modified tone wood
Authors: Madison M. Flesch, Jack D. Rollison, Dr Curtiss Hanson
Science Writing Heuristic pre-lab performance compared to perceived usefulness
Authors: Nicholas Bonde, Dr Dawn I. Del Carlo
In situ photokinetics and spectroscopy of organic aerosols
Authors: Nicole Bishop, Emma Shipley, Dr Joshua Sebree
Synthesis of possible intermediates in the catalytic silylation of carbon-hydrogen bonds
Authors: Nina Jocic, Dr Robert M. Chin
Surface chemistry of crystal violet on titanium dioxide under acidic conditions
Authors: Pratima Raut, Katherine Plotzke, Dr Joshua Sebree, Dr Shoshanna Coon
Reaction schemes for the synthesis of photo-active naphthalimide-drug compounds
Authors: Treasure Divis, Dr Jeffrey E. Elbert, Kaitlyn Parrott


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