Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Spring 2019 257th ACS National Meeting Presenters and Titles


Silylation of pyridine and pyridine derivatives with diruthenium complexes

Authors: Joshua Prybil, Dr Robert M. Chin


Synthesis and characterization of drug derivatives and drug derivative-naphthalimide compounds for localized drug delivery

Authors: Kaitlyn Parrott, Hanna Lovstad, Dr Jeffrey E. Elbert,


Role of carbon monoxide in atmospheric haze formation at cryogenic temperatures

Authors: Nicole Bishop, Dr Joshua Sebree, Jaspreet Rishi


Synthesis and reactivity of a dimethyl diphosphine diruthenium complex

Authors: Nina Jocic, Dr Robert M. Chin


Photo-active naphthalimide-drug compound synthesis and characterization

Authors: Treasure Divis, Dr Jeffrey E. Elbert, Warren Rouse


Forensic analysis of organic gun shot residue on bullet casings

Authors: Birk Shaikoski, Brian Pauley, Michaela Rich, Dr Curtiss Hanson


Neutralization and isolation of p-xylene-bis-(4-aminopyridine)

Authors: Brian Pauley, Dr Colin L. Weeks


Convergent synthesis of photoactive naphthalimide compounds for localized drug delivery

Authors: Hanna Lovstad, Dr Jeffrey E. Elbert, Kaitlyn Parrott


Time-dependent Raman spectroscopy of acidic crystal violet on TiO2 nanoparticles

Authors: Huzaifa Shah, Dr Shoshanna Coon


Effect of number density on aromatic seeded aerosols as measured through thin film spectroscopy

Authors: Jaspreet Rishi, Nicole Bishop, Dr Joshua Sebree


Surface chemistry of crystal violet on titanium dioxide

Authors: Kevin Boehnke, Dr Shoshanna Coon


Synthesis of hydrolysable organic linkers and derivatives for localized drug delivery

Authors: Warren Rouse, Treasure Divis, Dr Jeffrey E. Elbert


Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society at the University of Northern Iowa

Authors: Nicole Bishop, Joshua Prybil, Nina Jocic, Madeline Roach, Kaitlyn Parrott, Claire Snyder, Joseph Tibbs

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